Useful tips:

Prepared by Orit Vertesh-Burg (B.Sc) – Horticultural Consultant and vegetables Grafting Specialist  (

  • Establish the grafting operation only when the entire nursery’s operation is functioning well and is fully versed in regular seedlings production.  Grafting requires a far more advanced skill set. 
  • Disease and infection never appear out of nowhere, it is always an indication of inappropriate conditions and/or treatments during the growing and acclimation stage. In case of infection, there is an urgent need to recheck the entire grafting process and conditions in order to understand what went wrong. No chemical treatment will solve the entire problem.
  • A vigorous scion and rootstock is the key to success. Ensure providing them the optimal growing condition: space, temperature and light .
  • Before growing a new variety of scion and/or rootstock, execute a preliminary test in order to understand their growing patterns and seeding schedule. This is extremely important for Solanaceae crops since they require a full matching of stem’s diameter.
  • Always purchase seeds from a reliable company. Seed born diseases can be transferred easily during the grafting operation.
  • Ensure that the rootstock seed lot germinates well and uniformly. Many rootstock varieties are available on the market, there is no need to compromise on the quality of the seeds lot. This will pay off by labor saving and by the grafting quality
  • Train and supervise the grafting team constantly. A well trained team is critical to your success.  
  • Maintain a minimum of 95% humidity in the healing area, however, minimize excess moisture on the leaves. Heavy droplets on the leaves may lead to undesirable reactions like “melting” scions or disease.
  • Expose the grafted plants to natural greenhouse conditions as quickly as possible. Due to the high humidity condition, every day spent in the healing area exposes grafted plants to risks of disease or disorder.
  • Avoid unnecessary manual handling of grafted plants, especially while spacing the grafted seedlings.  Manual handling is the main source of disease transmission.