Our pipe clips are used to graft solanaceae (tomato, eggplant, pepper).

  • Available in 8 different diameter sizes to fit any plant size during each stage of growth.
  • The high quality material gives our clips qualities such as transparency and flexibility which allows successful grafts & the easy release of the clips from the grafted plant.
  • The clips are disposable and they do not require any human action to be removed or disinfected.
  • The clips have a hole to keep a plastic support stick at the right position.
  • The clips are made of a non toxic material
Model Clip’s Color Clips Dimensions (mm) Clips/Case Case Weight kg Case Dimensions(cm)
P14 Clear 1.4mm 40,000 4.5 30x40x15H
P17 Violet 1.7mm 20,000 4.0 30x40x15H
P19 Blue 1.9mm 20,000 4.5 30x40x15H
P21 Clear 2.1mm 30,000 9.0 30x40x30H
P23 Pink 2.3mm 28,000 8.5 30x40x30H
P26 Green 2.6mm 25,000 9.0 30x40x30H
P28 Yellow 2.8mm 25,000 9.0 30x40x30H

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